Short course: Leading Change

Accelerate your learning in an intimate and intensive environment

Through ‘Leading change’, you will understand your unique reason for leadership, learn/practice essential communication, behaviour change and influencing skills and develop a personal strategy/goals for ongoing leadership development.

Intensive learning
You will walk away with several key learnings in the space of just days.

Become a leader in sustainability
Empowerment is at the crux of how we teach leadership. You will have the confidence and nous to become a leader in sustainability.

Develop a personal strategy
Together, we will ensure you walk away with a detailed roadmap on how to continue your personal leadership path.

What participants say

A great opportunity to clear your head and focus on what you’re passionate about.


Program format

The program consists of two days of workshops on a weekend.

It’s action-based learning where we identify and develop your skills, knowledge, networks and opportunities as a change agent and leader in sustainability.

  • Day one:

    We look at what makes you and your leadership style unique via your values, ethics, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Day two:

    Building from day one we strategically design new pathways for you to lead and make change happen.



The small group sessions are run by experienced CSL facilitators; they’re designed to create an intimate and intensive learning experience.

Who are we looking for?

Our short courses are suitable for anyone who has an interest in progressing their leadership skills but are time poor; the course is particularly well suited for a group of workplace employees or an entire organisation.


Fee Type Cost
2 day short course $800 + GST

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