Interface has welcomed the Sydney Fellowship Program into it’s home since 2013.The provision with open arms, and been a great supporter of CSL by providing of a sustainable space for weekly workshops has allowed CSL to run high quality programs in Sydney since 2014.

By definition, we are the world’s largest designer and maker of carpet tile.

By reputation, we are a company of ideas and courage.

Ray Anderson founded Interface in 1973 because he believed in the global potential of carpet tile. From mill to management, vision has always been the rule—not the exception.

Interface stands for design as a way of thinking on an organisational level across all aspects of their business and as an aesthetic credo for their products. They offer a distinct point of view and strive to create ideal spaces to help realise your design visions.

Interface stands for sustainability. In 1994 they began to change the way they do business, and the result has been transformational. For them, for the industry. They believe that some companies feel a sense of responsibility larger than the products they sell. That for some companies, design has become a calling so central to their mission it is now second nature. On both fronts, Interface is that company.


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