Digital Storytellers


These are the original values by which creative community Digital Storytellers came to life. Founded on the pursuit of truth, motivated by the uniqueness of every story, and driven by the urgent need for justice (both social and environmental), the storytellers create pioneering films, engaging social media campaigns and dynamic websites in partnership with their clients.


As storytellers, they discover the deepest values of the audience where, like a perfectly tuned bell, our stories ring with the resonance of truth. As filmmakers, they produce to the best of our abilities and push forward with the most agile production techniques that technology permits. As web designers, they engage their passion for technological simplicity and deliver extraordinary value using free and open source software. And as marketers, it is an honour to help you scale your story, in partnership with your audience.


Finally, Digital Storytellers is also a social enterprise. That means the value the business delivers isn’t just on the bottom line — it’s also about the social or environmental good they deliver to the communities, societies and planet in which we operate (and live!). Sustainability, whether it is the health of the planet or the business models of our clients, lies foremost in our minds. Digital Storytellers believe that real value is delivered when the stories they create take on a life of their own and that impact is measurable, in social good and also in profit.


Digital Storytellers, headed up by 2012 Sydney Fellowship Program alumnusi Mikey Leung, are extraordinary supporters of CSL. They provide CSL with guest speaking on storytelling, communications and media training, as well as the creation of beautiful and impactful stories about CSL and our alumni via film and photography.

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