Bank Australia


Bank Australia (formerly bankmecu) provides a crucial service to CSL, allowing participants to apply for a personal loan to cover the cost of a program. Their support enables many participants to become future leaders, Bank Australia further supports CSL by acknowledging the significance of the Fellowship Programs by pre-approving its value and letting Fellows apply for a personal loan to cover the cost.

Bank Australia is Australia’s first customer owned responsible bank. Our origins date back to 1957, and today more than 127,000 people and community sector organisations choose to bank with us.

As a customer owned bank, Bank Australia is not listed on the stock exchange. Instead, a cooperative business model is used where each and every customers is a shareholder and owner of the bank.

And in the best interest of all customers the profits are reinvested back into the bank to provide all customers with fairer fees, better interest rates and the products and services they expect. At the same time Bank Australia also invests up to 4% of the bank’s after tax profit in addressing a range of community and environmental issues that the customers find important to them.

The responsible approach to banking ensures that Bank Australia meets the economic, social and environmental performance expectations of our customers, while at the same time protecting, sustaining and enhancing the financial, human and natural capital that’s required to develop Bank Australia into the future.

What makes them different is their genuine commitment to translate customers’ expectations for value as well as social and environmental responsibility into the way they run the Bank.


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