The Intensive Future Makers Fellowship

Australia wide

Grow your capacity to influence others and create positive change

The Intensive Future Makers Fellowship is now incorporated into the Future Makers Fellowship, as the Australia wide stream.

The Intensive Future Makers Fellowship based on rigorous academic research and business best practice. The program features industry leading curriculum and employs innovative and experiential pedagogy, all within a condensed four month time frame. ­­

Enviable networking opportunities
We bring together a diverse range of high-calibre participants and give them access to a great network of speakers, mentors and alumni.

Highly experienced facilitators
Through course participation, our highly experienced facilitators will determine exactly what you need to be more influential and effective as a leader in sustainability.

Real-world projects
To do this, you will be encouraged to bring a real world project to life that engenders change for a better tomorrow.

What alumni say

“The Future Makers Fellowship and my fellow classmates played a role in creating a supporting and collaborative space to stretch my passions. The course guided and forced me to reflect on where I saw myself making a change in society”

NADINE GREY, Financial Services Council
Nadine Gray copy

Program format

The Intensive Fellowship consists of two retreats in regional Australia and weekly online webinars.

We estimate a minimum time commitment of approximately 2–5 hours a week over and above workshops and retreats.

This includes preparation for workshops, coaching, mentoring and working on a collaborative prototyping project.

  • Week 1: Retreat one

    The first week-long retreat is held in Regional Australia. Participants identify development and growth areas that they’ll explore throughout the program with the Team, the Fellows and a selected Mentor. This first ‘going within’ phase covers much of the theoretical underpinnings of the program.

  • Week 2–4: Weekly online workshop

    Participants will define goals and strategies to make needed changes within themselves.

  • Week 5-7: Weekly online workshop

    Participants translate vision into action; in groups, they create a prototype project designed to test some of the tools learned in phase two, ‘stepping up’. Participants see the power of collaboration unfold as they work with others as a team member or leader to create change.

  • Week 8–11: Weekly online workshop

    Final skills are added to the tool kit and prior learning is reinforced; participants are prepped to brace the world – to create real change as a sustainability leader in phase three ‘stepping out’. In particular, there’s a focus on harnessing communications skills, further reflection and deeper learning.

  • Week 12: Retreat two

    The second and final week-long retreat includes media training and continues the ‘stepping out’ phase and is held in Regional Australia

  • Post-program

    Your Future Makers experience and leadership for sustainability journey doesn’t end with the conclusion of the program. There is phase four ‘staying connected’. We offer access to residential retreats, online learning programs, additional coaching, support, and opportunities to engage with the Future Makers community online and in person.



Our facilitators are highly skilled in guiding our participants to the top of the leadership mountain.


Jen Halldorsson

Program Manager and Facilitator

Jen is inspired by people, nature and the connections in between. She has a diverse background in research, sustainable transport, languages, yoga and permaculture; and holds a PhD in materials science and nanotechnology. Having completed the Fellowship in 2011, Jen loves empowering others as change-makers, capable of bringing about their own visions of a sustainable, socially-just future. She delights in seeing people grow and flourish through operating from their heart, in line with their passions and values.


Our guest speakers are experts in their fields, providing participants with access to crucial knowledge and networks.

Who are we looking for?

We look for applicants who have the potential to influence change in a variety of ways, and intentionally recruit for a wide cross section of skills and experience.

We encourage a high degree of diversity of professional backgrounds, industry insights, learning styles, and personality types.

We look for individuals who are early to mid career in any field, though there is no age limit.

What alumni say

Alex Maranga

The challenges of sustainability cannot be addressed with technical solutions alone.

Alex Maranga

Kirsty Moegerlein photo

Sustainability requires us to harness the creative power within each of us.

Kirsty Moegerlein


See the Future Makers Fellowship, Australia wide stream for current fees and dates.

Fee Type Cost
Early Bird Full Fee – paid within 7 days* of invoicing $7250 + GST
Early Bird Concession Fee – paid within 7 days* of invoicing $6500 + GST
Full Fee – paid within 6 weeks $7750 + GST
Concession Fee – paid within 6 weeks $7000 + GST
Post program option - 3 alumni coaching sessions $712.80 + GST includes 20% discount

Frequently asked questions

Many people have questions. We frequently have answers.

What if I have work/other commitments that oblige me to travel and I miss a workshop or retreat?

You must be present at all retreats and a minimum of 90% of workshops; missed content must be made up on your own time.

How much time am I expected to dedicate outside of the workshops and retreats per week?

2-5 hours for the 8-month Future Makers Fellowship and approximately 5 hours for the 4-month Intensive Future Makers Fellowship; this includes preparation for workshops, coaching, mentoring and working on a collaborative prototyping project.

What commitments are expected of me as a student of CSL?

Exercise a high degree of respect for others, apply honesty & openness in behaviour/communication, abide by group’s agreed ground rules, contribute positive participation throughout the program.

Am I eligible for concession?

An evidenced based concession fee may apply to health care card holders and/or those able to demonstrate they are experiencing financial hardship.

This is expensive and I personally can’t afford it; what are my options for funding my Fellowship place?

Employer sponsored place, micropatronage/crowdfunding, private sponsorship or a low interest loan with zero set up fee thanks to our Community Banking Partner Bank Australia.

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