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Leadership doesn’t end when your program does

Expand your leadership skills

Build your leadership profile

Further your leadership experience

Leadership 2.0 Coaching

Continue your leadership learning journey.

Continue to grow your skills in leadership, creative thinking, innovation and sustainability through 90-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with our experienced facilitators. Some of the many benefits you can expect are as follows: progress further in your career, achieve your aspirations and overcome personal roadblocks to achieve success. These sessions can be virtual or in-person at a time and place that suits you.

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Provide in-kind support

Your in-kind support can help us in so many ways. Examples of how to help:


With various programs and events on the go at any one time, we are always looking for spaces - from meeting rooms to networking and gala venues.


Your expert skills, services and advice would help us meet our mission, expand our reach and influence. Your expertise could be provided through images or words, maybe food too.

To provide in-kind support, please contact us.


As an alumnus, you are our biggest advocate.

We need you to continue our mission to influence change for a better future. By acting as a CSL ambassador, you would help bring applicants to our programs in exchange for exclusive incentives and offers.


You care and now have influence

So now bring CSL into your organisation and we will work with you and your colleagues to create a better, smarter future.

Let us know if you want to bring CSL in.


We rely on the support of volunteers and interns.

Without the support of our volunteers and interns we would not be here today.

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Alumni Program Steering Committee

For alumni, by alumni

After the program ends, the learning, connecting and inspiring continues with the CSL Alumni Program driven by the Alumni Steering Committee.

To join one of our Steering Committees or to find out more, drop us a line.


The Weekly Service: Imagined as a landing pad for alumni to continue the rich conversations and connections that develop during CSL programs. Their mission is to offer the experiences and information people need to re-imagine a life filled with more meaning, hope, love, and connection. Find out more here.


Want to get involved in the Alumni Program then contact us to learn more

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