The Centre for Sustainability Leadership is now officially closed.

The Centre for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) and Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) are excited to announce the transition of the ‘future maker’ mission and aims of the Centre to MSDI’s Education program.

Following a competitive process, CSL selected MSDI to take carriage of the Centre’s programs. Both organisations have been working closely to prepare for the transition in a positive and proactive way, to ensure the work of the Centre in enabling of the next generation of ‘Future Makers’ continues.

MSDI is a leading research and education Institute that pulls together the strength of Australia's largest university – Monash – to help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. MSDI's sustainable development education program offers forward-thinking programs and courses to enable people and organisations to take meaningful action on the world’s biggest challenges. This includes the award-winning Green Steps student leadership program, which has been running successfully for over 18 years. Through Green Steps and MSDI’s other accredited and professional development programs MSDI has created a network of change-makers who are now working in organisations around the globe to make the world more sustainable. It was also during a Green Steps program in 2004 that CSL co-founders Larissa Brown and Jason Clarke met, and sparked the germination of the Centre, which delivered its first program in 2005.

Over the coming year, the team at MSDI will work through a process of research, consultation and experimentation with CSL’s alumni network and others to explore how best to offer transformative, inclusive sustainability leadership programs and to continue to serve the CSL alumni community.

“The Centre for Sustainability Leadership commands incredible respect, within MSDI and among the wider sustainability community. This is a powerful opportunity to learn from and build on their program’s strengths, engage the alumni network, and combine these with our own deep expertise and connections in sustainable development,” said Annette Bos, Deputy Director (Education) at MSDI. “I would like to thank the board and staff of CSL for working so closely with MSDI to plan this transition. We are really looking forward to welcoming CSL’s alumni and friends into the MSDI community in 2019.”

Alex Graham, Co Chair of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership and an alumnus of the Future Makers program, said that the powerful process of personal and professional experiential learning, focused on leadership for sustainability, that the Centre launched 13 years ago, was still just as important today. “With a network of over 700 empowered alumni, the evolution of CSL’s programs at MSDI will facilitate the emergence of the next generation of supportive learning opportunities.”

The Centre for Sustainability Leadership is now officially closed.

MSDI are taking custodianship of the CSL intellectual property, including the Centre’s website and social media platforms.

Prior to the Centre’s closure, program related material was shared with the CSL alumni community.

MSDI are now also home to the alumni network and contacts after the closure of the Centre.

Jason Clarke, one of the originators of the Centre for Sustainability Leadership (and trusted elder of the CSL family) says he’s looking forward to this “exciting new phase in the evolution of an idea that has already empowered and connected change makers across the planet”. In remembering that idea first took shape within MSDI’s Green Steps Program, he said “this feels like a homecoming to me.”

The CSL Board would like to thank the CSL alumni community for taking ‘the leap’ and trusting the powerful learning process of CSL’s programs, the tremendously caring, talented and giving staff who have nurtured the programs and organisation to become such an important community, the countless passionate volunteers and guest speakers who have enriched the content and creation of CSL’s programs and a huge thank you to Larissa Brown and Jason Clarke for their vision and courage in instigating an international movement of empowered, positive change makers.

For any enquiries, please contact:
Alex Graham or Helga Svendsen, Co-Chairs of CSL Board: or 0418 536 447
Dirk Visser at MSDI: or +61 3 9905 9413


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