Reconnecting Wisdom

Exploring the lack of connection and wisdom being transferred, in society.2017 Melbourne Fellowship Project

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We uncovered blind spots, new perspectives, unique insights along with knowledge of similar projects in other parts of the world.

Project Team: 

Kunal Khanna, Marie Schega, Felicity Jacob, Ben Preston & Jason King.


Reconnecting wisdom is a project to explore the lack of connection and wisdom being transferred in society. Through this project, the team went out and had recorded conversations with a wide range of people, in an attempt to,Seek out knowledge and wisdom to validate the hypothesis that there is a lot of knowledge and wisdom all around us, which we are failing to tap into for guidance and better connectedness, and Answer the question of how to connect wisdom and knowledge in a modern context

We developed a series of question that we used to interview folk, both young and old, hoping to gain an insight into the issue from their perspective and highlight the inadequacy of our perceptions at the same time. We uncovered blind spots, new perspectives, unique insights along with knowledge of similar projects in other parts of the world.

What we found is that, the magic occurred in the process itself, more so than the overall outcome (video or podcast), the project team gained a level of connectedness through their conversations and widom themselves. What may be produced as a video for the world to see may or may not be as touching as the conversation itself.

As an outcome; we will release a couple of short videos with is a combination of the interviews that we undertook. But more importantly, we will develop and release a how-to guide for anyone to connect with and have a meaningful conversation with the other. This will contain the questions we used as prompt, but these act only as a starting point and one can take the conversation in any direction they will.

Finally, we embarked on this project to have fun and go on a path to learn more about ourselves and the people around up, the people we interact with or the stranger sitting next to us. With that in mind, we encourage everyone wanting to start a conversation and reconnect with wisdom, to keep this goal at the forefront of their journeys :-)




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