Laura Reed

Strategic Advisor, Spark Strategy2012 Sydney Fellowship


The more leaders, the more influence. The more influence, the more sustainability

Why are you passionate about sustainability? What was the moment or event that made you decide to become a 'change maker' in your field?

I believe that businesses have a major role to play in helping to solve critical social and environmental issues and in turn that businesses will only survive in the long term if they do. For me sustainability has always been inherent, growing up on a farm and later studying environmental science. However, I think my light bulb moment was during university when I realised that business' resources could be harnessed to solve market failures (that governments and NGOs had so far failed on) and that these same businesses could make money from doing so. As a result I've pursued a career 'on the inside', working within large corporations to create sustainable change.

Why is leadership for sustainability important?

The more leaders, the more influence. The more influence, the more sustainability. It's critical.

What do you plan to do next on your sustainability journey?

I want to keep on learning and figuring out ways that businesses can help solve social and environmental issues through their day to day work. Ultimately I'd like to be part of a Strategy or Risk function that ensures sustainability is considered in everything a business does or delivers and I plan to be a weekend farmer too!



The Dark Art of Corporate Sustainability

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