ExplorAction “Pitch” Project

To explore new ways of communicating, and invited people around the world to co-create the pathway towards a sustainable future. 2015 Sydney Fellowship Project

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ExplorAction - a nature inspired journey of 'art with purpose'.

Our CSL project builds on the ‘ExplorAction’ project vision of Christophe Sachs. His vision is to inspire transformational change towards a sustainable future, by means of ExplorAction - a nature inspired journey of “art with purpose”. We aim to raise worldwide awareness of the need for one planet living.

The ExplorAction Project will create Karlis – a state of the art sailing boat with a design inspired by nature (biomimicry). Karlis will be home to a crew of passionate change makers – including researchers, artists, scientists, engineers and communicators who will embark together on an epic journey, visiting coastal and island communities around the world. We will field test the latest sustainable technologies, and undertake an energy challenge to prove their viability...

ExplorAction is primarily a project that aims to explore new ways of communicating, and invites involvement of people around the world to co-create the pathway towards a sustainable future. The crew will learn from the communities visited, about their solutions and ways for living in harmony with nature and will help them to have their stories heard.

Christophe’s ExplorAction Project vision is multi-faceted, complex and ambitious in its scope. There are many steps along the path. For our CSL group project we needed to be realistic. So, our project was to develop a compelling “pitch” that captures and communicates the idea - to be used as a tool for raising awareness of the project.

Our ExplorAction Pitch project achieved:

• A ‘prototype’ audio visual presentation (PowerPoint with recorded voice-over narration), that is a starting point for further development. We would like to create an animated video of the proposed journey and perhaps re-work the pitch as a TEDx talk.

• We commenced identification and built a knowledge base of communities, scientists, NGO’s who are working on the coast in Australia and the pacific. To be extended worldwide later.

• We commenced creation of a library of ‘biomimicry research and innovations in ecologically sustainable design’ that can be employed to drive change for good.

• We commenced identification of potential supporters, funders and partners for the ExplorAction project. When our pitch is more fully developed, we plan to approach them, seeking their support.

• Post CSL, we will be developing a business plan that sets out milestones, activities and tasks along the critical path, along with budget estimates of the funding that we need.

We welcome your interest, involvement and support, and invite you to ‘come on board’. Bring your skills, ideas, contacts, and energies to support ExplorAction, and join with us in co-creation of this inspirational project.

For more information, contact Christophe Sachs on 0415 170 655. 

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