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A behaviour change campaign that kick-starts more sustainable consumption practices 2018 Australia Wide Fellowship Project

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Obstacles include the ‘culture of convenience’, lack of awareness, limited time, and disconnection from impact

Project team

Rebecca Nichols, Amanda McKenna, Johnny Hesselberg, Sophie Green, Jules Curry, Simone Dowding, Laurie Drake, Katie Wood

Melbourne, Byron and Sydney

Public understanding and awareness of the negative impact of consumption is growing. However industry response, government regulation and policy has done little to address this problem.

Individuals have the power to drive change and there is a lot of available information to support them to reduce their consumption impact. However, using human-centred-design principles, our project group conducted interviews which identified that obstacles to lowimpact consumption remain. These obstacles include the ‘culture of convenience’, lack of awareness, limited time, and disconnection from impact.

In response to this, we developed a project that seeks to address these barriers by making sustainable consumption easy, timely, attractive and social. The project is a behaviour change campaign that kick-starts more sustainable consumption practices via a three step model:

Step 1: A skills and knowledge focused event

At this event, individuals will come together and participate in a day of workshops and presentations to obtain skills and knowledge around reducing their consumption impact. Workshops could include learning how to make your own cleaning and beauty products and presentations could cover topics such as the 101 of recycling.

At the end of the day, people would be invited to pledge for a 30 day challenge.

Step 2: The 30 day challenge

Event participants work in groups to reduce their collective consumption over 30 days. They will be provided with a 10 step green user guide, outlining things they can do over the 30 day period to reduce their consumption that are related to the knowledge and skills they gained at the launch event.

Groups will also have access to an app to measure their baseline consumption before the challenge and track their consumption during this 30 day period to measure the impact of the challenge.

Step 3: Plastic free celebration

A plastic free celebratory event will be held where everyone brings a plastic free dish and comes together to review results of the 30 day challenge and celebrate their achievements.

The overarching project objectives are:

• Inspire and motivate individuals to reduce their consumption impact

• Give people the skills and knowledge for sustainable consumption

• Create a community that share values around sustainability.

Our next steps are to develop an event plan and produce the 10 step user guide. We will continue to use human centred design techniques such as surveying our target audience around what workshops and presentations would be best to incorporate into the event.


Katie Wood: katie.wood@au.ey.com

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