Danielle Fryday

Wildlife Conservation and Science Assistant, Taronga Conservation Society Australia2018 Australia Wide Fellowship

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Step forward at work with greater confidence in my value and contribution


What was the most valuable thing you got out of the program?

A greater understanding of myself, my value and my leadership style, and an amazing tribe!

Why are you passionate about sustainability? What was the moment or event that made you decide to become a ‘change maker’ in your field?

I am passionate about animal conservation, and am committed to helping humans realign our balance with the natural world. A number of years ago I travelled to South Africa and was in awe of the African savannah, where so many species coexist in the ecosystem. That experience lit the spark within me. A few years later I was greatly saddened to learn about the poaching crisis threatening elephants and rhinos, and that knowledge compelled me to speak up and act for the animals that have no voice. Learning more through volunteering and studying further increased my desire to protect the world’s wildlife, and led me to a career in animal conservation to use my skills and passion to reshape our human mindset towards and engagement with the natural world.

How did the program play a role in directing your current path or project?

I came to the program with clarity on my passion and direction, but lacking confidence in myself and my ability to translate my experience into a new sector. The program has given me greater confidence to follow my path, as well as a valuable understanding of the breadth of sustainability in society and connections with an incredible network of passionate change makers.

In 25 words or less, tell us why leadership for sustainability is important.

We can’t continue to live the same way that led us to the current state – we need fresh leadership to show us a better way.

What do you plan to do next on your sustainability journey?

Step forward at work with greater confidence in my value and contribution, and continue to educate myself on the many areas of sustainability and how I can contribute to a more sustainable world.

What are three words you would use to describe the Program?

Inspiring, stimulating, fulfilling.

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