Anna Dempsey

Creative2016 Sydney Fellowship

Anna Dempsey SydFP16 1

What was the most valuable thing you got out of CSL? 

A network of incredibly talented, dynamic and like-minded people

Why are you passionate about sustainability? What was the moment or event that made you decide to become a ‘change maker’ in your field?

Legacy, that of my own and others is something that has made me consider my contribution to the planet. I would like to reflect back and feel confident that I have done something to create positive change in the world.

How did CSL play a role in directing your current path or project?

CSL has helped me refine my focus, develop my network and be inspired by others to keep going.

In 25 words or less, tell us why leadership for sustainability is important.

Leaders who demonstrate sustainabilty for themselves and their peers are essential for our future. In order to change our old ways and save the planet. We need people at every level, in every industry to inspire others to do better.

What do you plan to do next on your sustainability journey?

Personally, making multiple small changes as often as I can, consuming better and less. Professionally...I hope to collaborate with other creatives to inpsire others to create change too.

What are three words you would use to describe the Fellowship Program?

collaboration community inspiration

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