Our Alumni

Tshinta ODwyer resized

Tshinta O'Dwyer

Environmental Engineer, REMONDIS Australia

2014 Northern Rivers SLDP

Unpacking the Mystique of STEM

Understanding why there is a lack of scientists and engineers represented across television and possible approaches to increase numbers.

2017 Melbourne Fellowship Project

Urban Farming

Creating a green oasis and fresh food farm in the city jungle.

2009 Melbourne Fellowship Project
Veronica Munro Resized

Veronica Munro

Founder, Bold Solutions

2014 August Intensive Fellowship

Virginia Richardson

Disability Community Inclusion - MetroAccess, Mornington Peninsula Shire

2017 Melbourne Fellowship
Warwick Erwin IMG 6676 resized

Warwick Erwin

Owner Operator, Stanwell Tops Technical Services

2014 Illawarra SLDP


Waste-Ed is a pilot program whose aim is to:
• Increase the awareness, consciousness and understanding of the impact one-use plastics has on our environment and;
• Encourage stallholders and patrons to make the change toward alternatives for and during festivals, community hubs or events.

2016 Sydney Fellowship Project
We are one team

We Are One: A Film Project For Change

We are One is a short Q&A film project giving Australians of diverse backgrounds a platform to share their Australian identity story. A socially engaged project, this short film features guests from multiple cultural backgrounds, highlighting that there is no one type of Australian.

2016 Melbourne Fellowship Project

The Weekly Service

A landing pad for alumni to continue the rich conversations and connections that develop during CSL programs.

2014 Melbourne Fellowship Project
Andrew Green SydFP16

Where Do My Shoes Go?

We want to encourage different models, including circular economy, designing for deconstruction, using biodegradable materials, product leasing, downcycling, and reuse.

2016 Sydney Fellowship Project

Wipe It Out

To see toilet paper produced from a sustainable source.

2009 Melbourne Fellowship Project
slowpoke espresso cafe hgppx

World's Most Sustainable Cafe Restaurant

We are all about creating the world's most sustainable cafe restaurant.

2015 August Intensive Fellowship Project
Xuan Deng SydFP16

Xuan Deng

Economist, NSW Treasury

2016 Sydney Fellowship
Yasmeen Richards MelbFP16

Yasmeen Richards

Business Owner & Writer

2016 Melbourne Fellowship

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