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The Riparian Project

To Influence government policy on grazing riparian areas through the use of public art.

2009 Melbourne Fellowship Project
Rita Gyorffy Profile Picture

Rita Gyorffy

Deep Ecologist in training.

2015 Melbourne Fellowship
roar 1

ROAR Loudly - Responding to Online Abuse Resource

In Australia, 47% of ALL women experience online harassment. – Norton Survey 2016. ROAR aims to stop this.

2016 Melbourne Fellowship Project
Robyn Curtain resized

Robyn Curtain

Student Counsellor, Southern Cross University

2014 Northern Rivers RELP

Sabrine Elkhodr

Managing Editior

2012 Sydney Fellowship
TLP 7903

Sandi Middleton

Sustainability Officer, Byron Shire Council, Rural Environmental Leaders Program Facilitator and Manager, CSL

2010 Sydney Fellowship

Sara Rickards

Education for Sustainability Manager, Macquarie University

2015 Sydney Fellowship
SarahSummers ProfileShot

Sarah Jayne Summers

Positive Environmentalist

2017 Melbourne Fellowship
sarah fiess profile pic final resized

Sarah Fiess

Project Lead - Renovations, Sustainability Victoria

2014 May Intensive Fellowship
Sarah Hunt Melb FP 2014 resized

Sarah Hunt

Communications Consultant, Various

2014 Melbourne Fellowship
Sarah Ladyman Syd FP 2014 resized

Sarah Ladyman

Accountant, PPB Advisory

2014 Sydney Fellowship
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Sarah Levy

Office Manager, Animals Australia

2016 Melbourne Fellowship
Sarah McConnell Melb FP 2014 resized

Sarah McConnell

Artist and Environmental Activist, The Wilderness Society

2014 Melbourne Fellowship
Sarah Rivett MelbFP16

Sarah Rivett

Senior Landscape Architect, ASPECT Studios

2016 Melbourne Fellowship

Sarah Sannen

Operations Manager, Good Environmental Choice Australia

2017 Sydney Fellowship

Women in Nature Network

We know the social, mental and physical benefits of getting outdoors and want to help other women experience that for themselves.

2016 Melbourne Fellowship Project
Saskia Peters Syd FP 2014 resized

Saskia Peters

Project Officer - Clean Energy, Office of Environment & Heritage

2014 Sydney Fellowship
Scott Hetherington revised

Scott Hetherington

Senior Program Leader - Biodiversity, Tweed Shire Council

2014 Northern Rivers RELP
Sharon Lehman revised

Sharon Lehman

Education Officer, North Coast TAFE

2014 Northern Rivers RELP
Shane portrait resized

Shane Schmidt

Strategic Town Planning & Ecovillage Design Educator, Gold Coast City Council & Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)

2014 Northern Rivers SLDP
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Sharing Shed

A community-centered business model to lay the foundation for setting up a Sharing Shed tailored to the needs and aspirations of any community.

2017 Melbourne Fellowship Project

Shelley Meagher

CEO of Do it on the Roof, a green roof company in Melbourne, Australia

2011 Melbourne Fellowship

Sherona Parkinson

Program Design Advisor, Good Shepherd Microfinance

2017 Melbourne Fellowship
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Simone Awramenko

Sustainability Manager, Koala

2016 Sydney Fellowship

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