Our Alumni

Emmanuel Bakenga photo resized

Emmanuel Bakenga

Assistant Supervisor, Green Connect

2014 Illawarra SLDP

EnviroSource - Australia's Environmental Projects Community

Empowering the environmental community to drive great policy and deliver more great projects.

2015 August Intensive Fellowship Project

Erandi Samarakoon

Project Officer, Office of Environment & Heritage

2015 Sydney Fellowship
Eric Bollen LinkedIn

Eric Bollen

Teacher, NSW Department of Education; Founding Member, Green Schools Australia

2014 Northern Rivers RELP
Erica Gurner Melb FP 2014 resized

Erica Gurner

Facilitator, HumanNature Connect

2014 Melbourne Fellowship
eva bw small

Eva Muller

Interaction Designer, Fjord

2015 Sydney Fellowship
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ExplorAction “Pitch” Project

To explore new ways of communicating, and invited people around the world to co-create the pathway towards a sustainable future.

2015 Sydney Fellowship Project
Felicity Ford

Felicity Ford

Managing Director, GoLusty

2013 Melbourne Fellowship
Felicity Jacob Melb FMF17

Felicity Jacob

EY Sustainability Consultant

2017 Melbourne Fellowship

Field Trip: The Podcast

A podcast that seeks to unearth stories from normal people doing amazing things to leave this planet in a better state than we found it.

2015 Sydney Fellowship Project

The Fiji Book Drive

To re purpose educational goods for improved educational outcomes.

2015 Melbourne Fellowship Project
Fiona McCleary SydFP16

Fiona McCleary

Project Officer, Office of Environment and Heritage NSW

2016 Sydney Fellowship
Fiona Luth Profile Picture

Fiona Luth

Founder and Director of Fiji Book drive.

2015 Melbourne Fellowship

Food Out Front

To reduce food waste, teach people about where food comes from, and to increase community connection.

2015 Melbourne Fellowship Project
uglycarrot 1x

The Fugly Food Project

To raise awareness round the very real issue of food waste, specifically cosmetic food waste.

2015 Melbourne Fellowship Project
FBC verticle

Future Business Council (FBC)

Providing an effective voice for businesses to drive positive change.

2011 Melbourne Fellowship Project
Gee McDermott MelbFP16

Gee McDermott

Community Manager, B Lab Australia and New Zealand

2016 Melbourne Fellowship


Creating "a perfect hierarchical list" of the most impactful actions an individual can make.

2017 Melbourne Fellowship Project

Glenda Stowell

Western Sydney Client Liaison & Project Manager, Ironbark Sustainability

2016 Leaders for Sustainability Program - GWS
Glenn Morris revised

Glenn David Morris

General Manager, FigTrees Organic Farms

2014 Northern Rivers RELP

The Good Life

To help people question whether happiness is a commodity that can be bought through working and consuming more.

2015 Sydney Fellowship Project
Good to go fill

Good To Go

Providing lazy (and maybe not lazy) environmentalists with a reusable alternative to single-use plastic takeaway containers.

2017 Sydney Fellowship Project
Grace Middleton Syd FP 2014 revised

Grace Middleton

Team Assistant - Logistics & Business Parks, Stockland

2014 Sydney Fellowship

Green Kidney Care

To help reduce the impact of Haemodialysis therapy on the environment.

2015 August Intensive Fellowship Project

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